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The Olde Towne Beverly Historical Society offers a variety of programs suitable for both lower and upper elementary students. Our programs are directly linked to the Alberta Education Program of Studies.

Specific skills and learning outcomes that are nurtured and developed by participating in our programs include:

  • Language Arts and the outcomes of Respecting, Supporting, and Collaborating with others.
  • Science Inquiry – students will learn about the Beverly area coal mines. Students will gain an understanding of how coal is formed and mined including the properties of rocks and minerals.
  • Social Studies and the core concepts of community, citizenship and identity.

The BEVERLY HISTORY INTERPRETIVE CENTRE SCHOOL PROGRAM GUIDE will assist you in selecting a program that is just right for your classroom. We currently offer 10 program options, but we can work with you to create a program to meet the unique needs of your students, or to meet a particular curricular outome in a hands-on, inspiring way. Many extension ideas and helpful online links are also included in this guide.